Integrating DCM with Upwave

If you utilize Campaign Manager 360 (formerly DCM) as your ad server, follow these steps to generate tags on demand in the Upwave dashboard.

1. Your CSM will provide you with a secure unique email address to create a User Profile in your DCM account. Admin > User Profiles > New

2. With this email address, create a new User Profile. The only permissions needed are "Placements: read-only access" and "Sites: read-only access to properties". You may assign the  User Role Site Trafficker or create a custom user role with only the 2 necessary permissions. 

⭐️ IMPORTANT: The Profile name that CM360 auto-populates (the unique portion of the email address provided without "") must be used or errors will occur when adding a Campaign ID in the Upwave Dashboard (step 4). For example, if the email address provided by your CSM is, the profile name must be what CM360 auto-populatesupwave_dcm_101010.⭐️

3. Once the User Profile is saved, ensure it has access to all Campaigns necessary (may only be a select few) in the Filters tab of the User Profile.

4. You're now ready to input the Campaign ID into the Tag Management page of the Upwave dashboard and load your placements! Loading may take a few minutes. 

5. Once the campaign's placements have loaded, on the right, select the Tag Location for each placement. Select DCM-served, Site-served, or Not Measured to configure your Upwave tags based on where the creative is hosted.

TIP: Filter placements by the contents of the placement name to easily set tag locations in bulk.

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