How to Set Up Impression Reports for DCM Integrated Tags

Note: "DCM-integrated" refers to the process of integrating your DCM Campaign ID(s) with Upwave. If you've integrated DCM with Upwave, please proceed with these reporting instructions.

Impression Reports are Required

Once tags have been implemented and media has gone live, impression reports must be scheduled. This allows us to QA your tags to ensure all placements are tracking as intended, as well as helps map your audiences shortly after launch. Please see below for our reporting requirements.


To better understand our reporting requirements, lets's first examine what an Upwave Event tag looks like. Below is an example for Google AM360 (previously knows as DFP), which includes that ad server's default macros for Creative ID, Placement ID and Site ID:

The IDs that flow through your  first 2 macros are what we map your audiences to: 

  1. Macro #1: Mapped to Creative Dimensions such as Creative Concept, Banner Size, etc. (in this example, the IDs that flow through %ecid! would be mapped here).
  2. Macro #2: Mapped to Placement Dimensions such as Audience, Environment, Geo, etc. (in this example, the IDs that flow through %epid! would be mapped here).

Other ad servers may use different types of IDs (such as Ad Unit IDs or Campaign IDs), but the general concept remains the same: The IDs used to map your audiences are those that flow through Macro #1 and Macro #2. The only way we're able to identify those IDs, however, is through your reporting.

Impression Report Requirements

Please remember to provide us the Subject Line under which the report will be sent so we can locate your report.

Details Notes/Comments
Delivery Address: Please send to our reporting alias
Delivery Cadence: Automated daily
Data Source: The report MUST come from the ad server in which the Upwave tag was implemented.

NOTE: If you've integrated multiple DCM Campaign IDs, please ensure all Campaign IDs are included in your report.

Date Range: 'Campaign to Date' strongly preferred (minimum of 'Last 30 Days')
Filters: Please only include placements in which the Upwave tag was implemented.
Dimensions & Metrics:
  • Date
  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign Name
  • Creative ID *
  • Creative Name 
  • Placement ID **
  • Placement Name
  • Total Impressions
* IDs must match IDs coming through Macro #1

** IDs must match IDs coming through Macro #2
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