How to Create DCM Integrated Tags

Note: "DCM-integrated" refers to the process of Integrating Your DCM Campaign ID(S) With Upwave. If you've integrated DCM with Upwave, please proceed with these tagging instructions. 

Generate Your Tags

Once the DCM-Upwave integration has been completed, you can generate the tags for your campaign using the "Tag Management" section of your Upwave Dashboard. To do this, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the "Tag Management" section of your dashboard. This can be found by navigating to your homepage, clicking the vertical 3-dots of your campaign, and selecting "Tag Management". 
  1. Insert your DCM campaign ID into the Campaign ID field. Then click "Save and Load Placements".
  1. Set "Tag Location" to the platform where the creatives are being hosted.
    1. Note: If selecting "Site-served", and your Publisher, Network, or Ad Server isn't available, please contact
  1. Once done, select your tags and click "Download Selected Tags" which will export them to your desktop (this file will also include implementation instructions). If at any point, you need to refresh your placement list, simply click the "Refresh" button under your DCM integration on the lefthand side. 

Please note that when implementing, our tag returns a '204 No Content' status. This is expected behavior, and the tag will function as intended when placed in a live placement.

How to Bulk Edit "Tag Location"

DCM-served Placements

  1. Select all placements whose creative will be trafficked in DCM.
  2. Click "Edit Selected Tags", then select "DCM-served". 
  3. This will update the "Tag Location" column to "DCM-served" for those placements.

Site-Served Placements

  1. Select all placements that will be Site-served for a particular site.
  2. Click on "Edit Selected Tags" → Site-served → then type your site into the search bar. Select your Publisher, Network, or Ad Server from that list. 
    1. NOTE: If your Publisher, Network, or Ad Server isn't available, please contact your CSM.
  3. This will update the "Tag Location" column to your "Site-served" selection for those placements.

Not Measured Placements

  1. Follow the same steps as above, but select "Not Measured" under "Tag Location". 
  2. It's important that placements that aren't being measured as part of that campaign are marked "Not Measured". This is so that our system knows what placements to exclude from discrepancy reports (which are what we use to QA your tags, and provide discrepancy reports for monitoring variance). 
  3. The following are examples of placements that should be marked "Not Measured": Social (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap, LinkedIn, and Pinterest), YouTube, Set-Top-Box (STB VOD) and/or Email/Newsletters.

How to Filter Placements

  1. If you want to search for certain placements for editing, start by clicking the upside-down triangle to the left of "All Placements". 
  2. Start typing the placements you want to filter by, then hit 'enter'. All placements that have those word(s) or abbreviation(s) will be retrieved in that search. 
  3. From there, you can select which placements you'd like to edit. Then bulk edit in the same way as above.

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