How to Create non-DCM Integrated Tags

Note: "DCM-integrated" refers to the process of Integrating Your DCM Campaign ID(S) With Upwave. If you've integrated DCM with Upwave, please refer to This Tagging Article instead. 

Step 1: Generate Your Tags

  1. To generate your tags, navigate to the "Tag Management" section of your dashboard.  This can be found by navigating to your homepage, and clicking on the vertical 3-dots on your Campaign card, and selecting "Tag Management".
  2. If this is your first time generating tags, you will be directed to the splash page below:
  3. Click on "Manage Media Partners" where you can add the partners/platforms that you need tag(s) created for. Once you've made your selections, click "Save".
    1. Note: Please avoid creating extraneous tags for partners/platforms that you are NOT working with. You can always create more tags at a later time.

Step 2: Implement Your Tags

  1. Each partner/platform you select will appear on your "Media Platforms" page. To download their tags, simply select the checkbox next to each name, then click "Download Selected Tags".
  2. Tags are proprietary to the platform(s) in which they were created, so please ensure they're implemented within the platform they were intended to avoid missed measurement. 
    1. For example: The "The Trade Desk" tag below should ONLY be implemented within The Trade Desk ad server. If it's implemented within a different ad server (such as DFP), its macros will not expand into usable IDs for mapping your audiences.

Please note that when implementing, our tag returns a '204 No Content' status. This is expected behavior, and the tag will function as intended when placed in a live placement.

Step 3: Schedule Impression Reports

Once tags have been implemented and media has gone live, impression reports must be scheduled. This allows us to QA your tags to ensure all placements are tracking as intended, as well as helps map your audiences shortly after launch. 

Note: If you're working with multiple partners and/or platforms, a separate report must be scheduled for each. Please find full reporting instructions here: How to Set Up Impression Reports for non-DCM Integrated Tags

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