Concatenating Upwave Tags with DCM 1x1s


Sometimes, partners have a limited number of slots available for implementation tags. One way to resolve this issue is to 'concatenate' the tag, which wraps the tag in a DCM 1x1 for implementation. 

Please note that this will results in the Upwave tag firing after the DCM redirect, which could result in larger impression discrepancies. 


  1. Navigate to the Tag Management page your campaign. 
  2. Generate and download your Upwave Tag(s) to your desktop. 
    1. Below is an example of what an Upwave tag looks like; this example is for Google AM360 (previously knows as DFP), which includes that ad server's default macros for Creative ID, Placement ID and Site ID in order:
    1. Your tag(s) will looks similar - but will use a unique EID value, various macros based on the ad server in which the tag was generated for, and hardcoded PIDs if you're using the CM360-integration
  3. Once you've download your tag(s), open your file and identify the tag(s) that need to be concatenated. 
  4. To concatenate a tag: 
    1. Copy/paste your tag into a Text Editor. 
    2. Underneath that, extract the URL only from the Upwave tag.
    3. Underneath that, copy/paste your DCM 1x1 for that placement.
    4. Now, we have the values we need to concatenate the tag! Copy the Upwave URL, and paste it after the question mark in the 1x1 but before the closing quotes. 
    5. Below is a summary of what this full process looks like: 
  5. Complete these steps for each Upwave tag you'd like to concatenate. 
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