How to tell the Brand from the Product


Upwave is used to measure the impact of media on brands, not just specific campaigns.  In order to do Portfolio Analytics (which reports cross-campaign performance of media and creative strategies) brands must be specified consistently across campaigns.

A brand is a combination of a brand name (e.g. Nike) and a product category (e.g. Athletic Shoes or Yoga Pants).  In this case, there are two brands: Nike-Athletic Shoes and Nike-Yoga Pants.


How do I know whether two campaigns are measuring separate brands or the same brand?

Often the ad creative in a campaign will feature a specific product brand, such as Nike Air VaporMax.  To tell whether the brand is Nike or Nike Air VaporMax, answer the following questions:

  • Is this brand consistently invested in and advertised quarter after quarter indefinitely? (Nike - Yes.  Nike Air VaporMax - No.)

  • Do we track the health of this brand over time?  (Nike - Yes.  Nike Air VaporMax - No.)

You may still want to measure the impact of a campaign on a product brand, such as Nike Air VaporMax.  You can do that by select Product Objectives in the Campaign Objectives and Targets form.

Must the category have the same competitors across campaigns for the same brand?  

Yes, unless there is actually a new entrant or exit of a top competitor brand within the category.