Everything You Need to Know About the Questionnaire


A "Questionnaire" is generated based on the campaign inputs that are provided in the submitted Objectives & Targets form. The "Questionnaire" is the survey that the campaign delivers and collects respondents for.

The underlying "why": The Upwave platform is designed to measure the increase in Brand KPIs (i.e. objectives) the campaign is causing. This is among everyone exposed to the campaign and specific people you are trying to reach as part of the campaign (the target audience).

Our automation and standardized data collection relies on these questions that are in our system, which is a set of measurement KPIs and confounding data collection variables that help our model and provide the best data when we measure the brand and the impact that your advertising is causing on those brand metrics. The software is systematic, and the intelligence is built in and automated to ensure best practices happen every time.

The embedded questions supported in the platform have been designed and optimized to accurately measure your brand with precision. The value of the platform is measuring the causal effects the advertising had on the brand with those objectives that were measured and the ability to make optimizations that will improve brand outcomes.

Question Types

Generally, we categorize the purpose of a question as one of the following three question types:


These are the "Key Performance Indicators" expected to be affected by the campaign.

These were the Objectives (KPIs) that you selected when you filled out the Objectives and Targets form in the Upwave platform.


The factor that is a potential confounder (related to both exposure probability and brand opinion).

These questions will be used for weighting factors and to cut with KPI performance.

There are two types of weighting questions that are included in the Questionnaire:

  1. Mandatory that are critical to Upwave's weighting methodology and cannot be removed or reworded.

  2. Questions created from the Target Audiences you described when you filled out Upwave's Objectives and Targets form. These are recommended by our experts, but are editable.


Market Research factors are not affected by the campaign and are not related to targeting.

Gender and Age

The Gender and Age questions are asked before a respondent is taking the survey for this brand.

They are simply answering a separate Upwave Questionnaire, which depending on their answer choice, will qualify the person for either this survey (or one of hundreds of other surveys Upwave is running).

Top Competitors in the Category (Competitor Set)

Including competitors for the brand in the Questionnaire is primarily used for blinding purposes. The competitor set is also used as a weighting factor and important for our model to understand if someone is already aware of/considering of a top competitor brand in the category.

What matters is that the competitor set includes like-minded brands in the category. Upwave studies are not doing competitor research or to help you understand where the brand stands against top competitors.