Download the Post-Campaign Summary


Upwave's on-demand campaign summary harnesses ground-breaking automation to digest your campaign's performance data and summarize it for you in an easy-to-read end-of-campaign report.

Campaign summary renders statistically significant performance in clear takeaways that remove the guesswork when interpreting brand lift and customer forecast outcomes. No matter your expertise in brand analytics, Upwave's automated campaign summary helps you to move faster and work smarter. 

Campaign summary is currently in beta. To share feedback, click "Get Help" in your dashboard to submit a request to our Support Team.

Easy to Use

Click "Download Campaign Summary," choose a file type (PPTX or PNG) in the preview window, and download a top-line report for your completed brand campaign.

Takeaways You Can Trust

Your campaign summary gives you easy-to understand yet statistically accurate interpretations in succinct, natural language so you can change your analytical focus from "what" to "so what". 

Actionable Outcomes

Upwave's platform automatically synthesizes campaign performance in the context of your campaign's objectives and target audiences, helping you to speak answer the questions that matter most to you.