Campaign Feasibility

For campaigns that meet the following feasibility requirements, achieving an overall read is feasible. These impression volumes are sufficient to display results in your dashboard, but do not guarantee lift of statistical significance.

All campaigns: 

  • 30+ day flight (60-90 days recommended)

U.S. Campaigns: 

  • National: 5M+ impression volume (25M recommended)

  • Regional: 10M+ population in geographic area (National recommended)

Non-U.S. Campaigns:

  • Canada: 10M+ impressions

Specific Tactic(s):

  • 2M+ impressions per tactic

Please note: Feasibility requirements apply for Digital (display+audio+OLV+CTV) and ATV, not including YouTube and Social).

For easy reference, feasibility information is also displayed throughout your Campaign Information form when creating a campaign: