Integrating Amazon with Upwave

We are excited to share that we've replaced in-creative pixels with a server-to-server integration for Amazon ad inventory. Please follow the steps below to start measurement on your Amazon campaign:

Send your Amazon Order ID(s) to Upwave

  • The ID that needs to be sent to Upwave is the Amazon Order ID in Rodeo.
  • This ID can be found in grey underneath the package description (see screenshot). It should be 13 characters long.  
  • Send this ID to the CSM assigned to your campaign. If there is more than one ID, please send the full list. 

Add the Adapter URL

  • Upwave-specific adapter URL: (Note: The last slash is required.)
  • This URL is used to signal Amazon's servers to send the measurement events to Upwave.
  • The Upwave adapter URL must be placed within each campaign's creative for which we are measuring. It should be added to the 'Third Party Impression URL' field in Amazon DSP Creative Settings. HTML tags should be added to the 'Additional HTML' field in Amazon DSP Creative Settings.

Once the Campaign IDs have been shared with Upwave and the Adapter URL has been added, you're all set! Upwave will complete the setup and confirm once the integration is running on your campaign. Please reach out to your CSM if you have any questions along the way. 

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