Integrating Amazon with Upwave

Upwave and Amazon have a powerful integration that allows us to measure audiences automatically rather than through manually tagged media. By leveraging the integration, and CFID submission process, you'll be measuring your Amazon media in no time! 

How to Measure Amazon on Your Upwave Study

Integrate Amazon with Upwave

In order to integrate Amazon with Upwave, you must add the Adapter URL. This URL is used to signal Amazon's servers to send the measurement events to Upwave.

The Upwave-specific adapter URL is:

Note: The last slash is required.

The Upwave adapter URL must be placed within each campaign's creative for which we are measuring. Specifically, it should be added to the "Third Party Impression URL" field in the Amazon DSP creative settings. 

HTML tags should be added to the "Additional HTML" field in Amazon DSP creative settings.

Submit CFIDs to Upwave

After your campaign has been created, please submit your Amazon CFIDs to Upwave using the following process. CFIDs not sent using this process may not be measured:

  1. Submit your request to using the template below.

    1. To:

      Subject Line: Amazon - ID Delivery | CAMPAIGN NAME - MM/DD/YYYY


      Hello, Please see below for this campaign's CFID(s): 

      • Upwave Campaign Name: [INPUT]

      • Upwave Campaign ID: [INPUT]

      • Amazon CFID(s) and Flight Date(s)



  2. Where: 

    1. CAMPAIGN NAME: This represents the campaign name as reflected in the Upwave dashboard. 

    2. MM/DD/YYYY: This represents the date that you're submitting your request.

    3. Upwave Campaign Name: This represents the campaign name as reflected in the Upwave dashboard (same as above). 

    4. Upwave Campaign ID: Retrieve your Campaign ID by navigating to the campaign in your dashboard (the URL should read "dashboard" at the end). The "Campaign ID" equals the unique identifier preceding that (as pictured below): 

    5. CFID(s) and Flight Date(s): Please include all Amazon CFIDs and their corresponding flight dates so we know when to expect traffic for each ID. 

      1. The ID that needs to be submitted to Upwave is the Amazon "Order ID" in Rodeo. This ID can be found in grey underneath the package description. 

        1. NOTE: If you do not have access to Rodeo, simply request these values from Amazon to include in your submission.         

  3. TIPS!

    1. Do not include excess information not included on the template. Only the information associated with the template will be processed.

    2. Unique campaigns should be a unique submission (i.e. do not combine multiple campaigns in the same submission). 

    3. Please adhere to the standardized subject line and email body requirements, or your request may not be processed. 

Example of a successful submission:  


Subject Line: Amazon - ID Delivery | Amazon - FoodSaver 22Q4 - 10/03/2022


Hello, Please see below for this campaign's CFID(s): 

  • Upwave Campaign Name: Amazon - FoodSaver 22Q4

  • Upwave Campaign ID: bb0adbea-4326-4dd2-b7f1-5fe14114a74f

  • Amazon CFID(s) and Flight Date(s):

    • 577104064883849809 - 10/1/2022-10/31/2022


Upwave Processes CFID(s) and Schedules Launch (if not already)

  1. Upwave will receive your request, and immediately begin the process of adding your CFID(s) to the associated campaign. Please allow up to 2 business days for processing.

  2. If the campaign has not launched yet: The campaign will launch within 3 business days from date of Questionnaire approval and CFID receipt (whichever is later) using the Media Start Date inputted on your Campaign Information form.


  1. If the CFID(s) you've provided aren't returning traffic, we will contact the Ad Ops contacts you have designated on your Campaign Information form, at which point you may troubleshoot the following:

    1. Have the correct CFID(s) been submitted to Upwave?

    2. Has the Adapter URL been correctly placed on the impression slot?

      1. If there is no impression slot, has an additional HTML section been added with an IMG wrapper? <img src=''>

    3. Has media run on those CFID(s) within our default lookback window of 30 days?

    4. Has the flight date(s) changed?

  2. Need more help? Click the "Get Help" button in your dashboard to submit a request to our Support Team. A member from our Team will get back to you soon.